let’s face it, sticking to a regular exercise program is extremely difficult. This is even more difficult to someone that’s new to the world of fitness. Along the way, there are plenty of barriers for an individual to overcome before he or she can become successful. Barriers such as busy schedule, self-confidence, weak social support, inability to set goals, and convenience to a facility are all legitimate obstacles.

Time – The most common reason for not exercising is lack of time. By having an in-depth look at your schedule, through the use of time journal, I can help you find time in your day for exercising.
Lack of social support– Social support is probably the most important type of social influence when it comes to an exercise program. Social support is the perceived physical and emotional comfort that a person receives from others. This support can come from family, friends, co-workers, or acquaintances on Facebook, or any other type of social media that one subscribes to.
Social Physique Anxiety– This is a concern with one’s body image. In an exercise setting, this includes a sense of difference in body type, including attire. People with social physique anxiety tend to overemphasize the difference between their body type and the body the body type of others whenever in a fitness facility.
Convenience– Access to a facility or personal trainer is another challenging barrier for some. Given the drive time, and account for traffic, this obstacle may seem small but it’s big enough to keep a lot of people away from making it to the gym.
Unrealistic Goal–When properly set, goal setting can increase motivation, self-esteem, and the need to keep going. Unrealistic goals however can have a dangerous affect on an exerciser. When goals are not being met, it can easily lead to frustration, loss of motivation, loss of self-esteem and confidence. In the end, this will ultimately lead to quitting, and reverting back to a contemplation stage. Using the SMART system, I will help you design an effective exercise program to get you to your goal.